Revamped Feature: Participant Reviews 2.0

We recently revamped one of our most used features, smiley rating, and replaced it with a brand new star rating system. Learn all about Participant Reviews 2.0

Here at Respondent, we are always striving to improve our features to provide the best experience for our researchers. One of the ways we help researchers get quality research participants is by using the feedback given to participants by other researchers. We recently revamped one of our most used features for feedback, the smiley rating, and replaced it with a star rating system.

The new questions-based star rating system will be a more in-depth approach to reviewing your experience with participants.

After a research interview, a researcher can optionally rate a participant on a variety of attributes like participant’s preparedness, conversational ability and manner, and knowledge on the topic. You can also leave a short review about your experience with the participant and whether you recommend them to other researchers. Researchers have until their project closes to leave feedback on participants. 

Note: If you are still seeing the old smiley-face review system, please make sure to close your browser and log in again on a new browser to access the star rating system. 

Once we collect sufficient reviews for a participant, we will show that rating to researchers as they make a decision about whether to invite participants to their research study. We hope this feature will improve your experience with Respondent and give you even more confidence in the quality of participants recruited through our platform. Feel free to reach out through our help center for any questions! 



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