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Powering High-Quality Participant Recruiting for Great Question

Great Question launches integration to allow researchers to recruit Respondent participants directly within the Great Question platform

The best research insights come from the best participants. For years, Respondent has delivered high-quality participants to researchers across audiences, countries, and research methodologies – all within the Respondent platform. Now, it’s time to make it easier for researchers to recruit participants in any tool they use.

Using our newly available Participant Recruiting API, Great Question has integrated with Respondent to enable recruiting from our panel of 3M+ verified participants directly within the Great Question platform. Great Question has led the charge in simplifying how researchers engage their own customers for research, and we are excited to work together to make it just as straightforward to recruit new participants for fresh insights.

“Researchers can now have the best of both worlds – quick and easy recruiting from their own panel as well as access to Respondent’s deep, high-quality global panel for new participants – all available within one tool: Great Question,” said Ned Dwyer, Co-founder & CEO of Great Question. 

How Does Participant Recruiting Work in Great Question?

Great Question customers can get started recruiting participants from Respondent in just 3 easy steps:

    1. Create a new research recruitment request for Respondent within Great Question
    2. Define the target audience you’re trying to reach, including custom screener questions
    3. Review and invite the exact participants you want to include in your study


While you initiate and manage the recruiting process from within the Great Question platform, Respondent works behind the scenes to find the highest quality participants for your research study through our proprietary matching algorithm, our high-impact referral program that extends the reach of your study, and our direct outreach efforts that bring your study right to where your target audience hangs out.

The result is fast, easy recruiting of the ideal participants for your research with a platform in Great Question that helps you get the most insights from them.

For more information about our Participant Recruiting API and how you can integrate it into your application, check out our Developer site. Know of a research tool that you want to combine with Respondent, drop us a note to let us know.

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