Supercharge Your User Research with Respondent + Lookback Integration

Respondent is proud to announce our new integration with Lookback. We explain how it will help streamline the user research process from start to finish.

Conducting research can validate your products and services, discover new key insights, and lead your team to make better decisions. Unfortunately, another part of conducting research is coordinating all the tedious logistics to make it happen. We are excited to share a new integration that will win back researcher’s time and streamline their user research efforts from start to finish. 

Respondent is proud to announce our integration with Lookback. Lookback is a customer research platform that helps researchers collect feedback from customers on their product, website or prototype.

This new integration allows researchers to track participant activity on Lookback within the Respondent dashboard. Our integration will support usability testing, task analysis, and concept/prototype feedback. 

We believe that by utilizing Lookback's powerful platform with Respondent’s large, diverse participant marketplace of 1.8 million participants, the opportunities are limitless. Researchers can automate participant tracking, clickthrough into Lookback video session recordings from the Respondent dashboard, and match completed research studies when it comes time to pay participants on the Respondent platform.

The Respondent + Lookback integration will allow researchers to access our best features that will help supercharge their user research efforts. 

  • Access 1.8 million verified participants 
  • Organize and streamline user research process from start to finish 
  • View participant and session details all in one place 
  • Supports various research methods; usability testing, task analysis, and concept/prototype feedback. 

Now you have the best of both worlds, world-class participant recruiting capabilities combined with a beautifully designed qualitative research tool. If you would like to learn more information about how to use the integration, please view our support article

If you would like to create a Respondent account, sign up here.

Happy Researching! 

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