5 Researchers Share Why They Love Respondent For User Interviews

Read on to learn how five user researchers have used Respondent, and why they love it!

Here at Respondent, we strive to make the best platform to connect user researchers with the right participants. We exist to help businesses build better products and services; we believe access to quality participants is the key to that discovery.

We listen to our customers and they have validated how much participant recruitment on Respondent has impacted their goals with user research. Read on to learn how five user researchers have used Respondent, and why they love it!

1. “ The cost of using Respondent, compared to other tools, has allowed us to do more research. If we have a question, we can simply find more people to talk to instead of having to consider our budget and wait for the right time.” -Matt Hay, Senior User Experience Researcher at Allstate


2. “The participants have been who they say they are, we can verify them, and they’re super responsive. When we turn to our clients, we know we can produce quality insights. Respondent has helped us do better research and be better researchers, especially since we don’t have to worry about logistical things when it comes to recruitment.” — Jacqueline Jordan, Group Director of Research, Huge


3. “We needed to establish a better communication channel with people who are not aware of us yet. This would enable us to understand how to improve our service and position ourselves as a real long-term alternative to car ownership. We started having our internal ‘a-ha’ moment that Respondent was awesome after the first people started showing up in our dashboard. The first participants met all of our criteria. Morale skyrocketed. We saw it internally as magic. I still have no idea how you guys do it.” - Erez, Product Manager at Canvas


4. “Respondent has been a Godsend for us. As an enterprise tool, the cycles are long and you can’t A/B test rapidly. You often can’t do things as quick as a consumer company. Respondent has completely changed that for us. It has enabled us to act with the same nimbleness as consumer companies, but in a cost-effective and scalable way.” — Colin Poindexter, Global Strategic Design Lead at Alation

5. “In a low-lift way we're able to recruit and interview people who provide valuable feedback. This helps us design intentionally, which in turn has direct business impact. Respondent has been a great partner in helping us understand the needs of our users.” -Mariam Khan, product designer and director of research at Earnest

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