5 Reasons Why You Should Verify Your Work Email on Respondent

Verifying your work email on Respondent may seem unnecessary, but there are several benefits why you should take the extra step. Here are five important reasons why you should verify your work email.

Verifying your work email on your Respondent profile may seem like an unnecessary hoop to jump through at first glance, but there are several reasons why you should take the extra step, especially if your goal is to make more money and use your expertise to have an impact on real products that will help real people. Here are five important reasons why you should log into your account right now and make sure your work profile is verified.

1. You will receive more invitations from researchers that need your expertise and insight

Respondent projects are placed into two categories: general population and industry professionals that have verified their professional experience. Industry professionals have expertise in a specific field and are thus able to offer more valuable insight to researchers, whereas general population participants don’t have specific expertise in a field (or at least haven’t verified it). While anybody can give their opinion on paper towels or fast food restaurants, not everybody is prepared to speak intelligently about the needs and challenges facing a specific industry. Set yourself apart from the general population by showing researchers that you do have industry-specific experience to share with them.

2. Industry professionals get paid more because of the unique insight they can offer

The pool of general population participants is much larger than the pool of industry professionals, so there is much more competition for projects open to general population participants. Industry professionals like software engineers or healthcare professionals are in higher demand because of their specialized knowledge. Thus, projects that are in need of specific industry professionals pay participants more. A project open to the general population on general shopping habits might only pay $25, while a specific project looking for small business owners or cybersecurity professionals, for example, could pay well over $100.

3. You will get hired faster because researchers know that what they see is what they get

Researchers hire participants with verified work profiles and social media accounts faster because they know that what they see is what they get. Researchers don’t want to spend their time filtering out bad actors who are just looking to make a quick buck by pretending to be someone they’re not. Verifying your work profile with a work email and LinkedIn profile improves your transparency and credibility in the eyes of researchers.

4. You will be able to participate in exclusive industry-specific projects

Respondent is a community of participants and researchers that are trying to make the world a better place with real products and real services for real people. To have the most impact on these projects, it’s best to draw from the knowledge and experience you have about the needs and challenges that your industry faces. Top companies seek out participants with specific industry experience for this very reason, and participants with verified work profiles will get invites to exclusive industry-specific projects because researchers know how valuable these participants’ expertise is in shaping their products and services.

5. Respondent takes your privacy seriously

It’s only natural in this day and age to be careful about who you share private information like a work email with, but rest assured that Respondent takes great care to protect your data and will never share your information with researchers or other third parties without your permission. Respondent has detailed and thorough privacy and security protocols to keep your information secure, so you can feel confident verifying your work profile. Also, keep in mind that we won't send any emails to your work email unless you add it as preferred email. 

The Bottom Line

As you can see, if you want to make the most of your experience on Respondent, it’s important (and safe!) to be in the industry professional category rather than the general population category. To do that, you need to provide and verify a work email and add social media link(s). It’s fast and easy to add your work email and link social media accounts to your Respondent profile.

To add a work email, just follow these steps: Log-in > My Account >  Edit Profile > Employment > enter work email > Verify work email. Note that Respondent can’t accept generic email domains like Gmail to verify your work profile.

To add a social media account (Facebook, LinkedIn, GitHub, and Slack), follow these steps: Log in to your Respondent account > My Account > Social Accounts > Connect Account.

Take care of this easy step of verifying your work profile on Respondent today, and start enjoying more opportunities to share your unique insights, make more money, and have a stronger impact in shaping the products and services of the future.   

Login to your profile and verify your work email!


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