Respondent + SurveyMonkey: Automated Participant Recruitment, Tracking and Management

Respondent automates participant management for surveys of all sizes with SurveyMonkey, start to finish.

At Respondent, we know that powerful questions can be answered within a quantitative survey study. We also understand how much work can go into recruiting, tracking, and paying participants when deploying a survey of any size. Today we’re unlocking automated survey management with SurveyMonkey, providing the highest quality participants for automated survey research.

With this integration, researchers can recruit participants for a SurveyMonkey study. Respondent will automatically detect when participants have completed the survey and mark as completed, making large quantitative research project management quick and painless. 

How the SurveyMonkey Integration Works

  1. Connect your Respondent Team to SurveyMonkey
  2. Design your next survey in SurveyMonkey
  3. Create a new Respondent research project and choose Survey as your research methodology.
  4. When you choose SurveyMonkey under Link to Task, your most recent surveys will be available to select. Choose your desired survey.
  5. Provide any special instructions or participants to help them get started.
  6. Recruit, select participants, and let the research begin!


Once your survey is deployed, completed responses will appear within the Completes tab in your project, along with a link to their responses. We’ve provided start time and duration to help you quickly assess the quality of response. Here, you can easily mark all completed participants as attended, and remit payment in bulk--fully closing the loop on your study operational management.

Check out our Respondent Knowledge Base article to learn more about connecting to SurveyMonkey and accessing your surveys.



More integrations coming

With over 2 million vetted, engaged, and experienced professional participants, Respondent is proud of the quality research we power. And while our greatest strength so far has been in facilitating qualitative in-depth interviews, we’re intent on equipping our user researchers with participants for a range of methodologies with more Respondent integrations. Stay tuned in the near future for more. 

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