Voicepanel partners with Respondent for participant recruitment

Voicepanel have partnered with Respondent to offer participant recruitment.

Voicepanel users now have access to Respondent’s participant recruitment engine within their Voicepanel account.

This is great news for Voicepanel users who want to extend their AI-powered survey workflow. All Voicepanel users can access 3 million Respondent participants in over 150 countries.

Voicepanel Homepage 1

To access panel recruitment in Voicepanel, sign up for a free account.

Then select ‘New project’ and let AI generate suggested survey questions based on your area of research.

Under ‘Share’, select ‘Panel’ to distribute your survey to recruited participants powered by Respondent.

Voicepanel share with panel

Finally, select ‘New distribution’, and select your desired number of completed responses, incentive, and demographic criteria for your target audience:

Voicepanel research participants-3

It only takes a few minutes to get started on Voicepanel and there is no requirement to add a credit card during the free trial period.

Voicepanel offers:

  • Voice interviews
  • Video interviews
  • Interactive surveys
  • Translation
  • Synthesis
  • Reporting

“We’re proud to Partner with Voicepanel to offer their users access to top-quality global participants. This will drastically speed up the research workflow for all Voicepanel users.”

-Jack Pratten, CEO at Respondent

Head over to to run your first AI-powered survey.

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